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Whose story is this? (Who are readers supposed to care about?)
I think the character that is changing the most in my romance is Olivia.

Is there more than one character whose story this is? Do they need their POV to be featured just as heavily as the other(s)?
This is also Henry’s story. I feel his POV should be featured as well.

If we limit the book through only a few POVs, what, if anything, will readers not learn that is essential to the story?
No, readers will learn information when the characters do.

Do they need to learn this information before (or in a different way than) the character does?  


What genre is your book? Who is the main audience?
Regency romance. Historical romance readers

Is Deep POV a common method of writing in your genre/audience?Yes.

What are the benefits of having such a limited perspective for your story?

It allows for the reader to experience the story through the character’s perspective.

What are the cons?
I can’t think of any cons.

Is your narrator (POV character) reliable or unreliable?
Both POV characters are reliable.

How would Deep POV enhance your story?
Yes. I believe it would enrich the readers experience while reading and I feel it’s a genre expectation.

How would Deep POV limit your story?
I don’t feel it would limit it in any significant way.

Bonus Q: What does your gut say about using Deep POV in this book?

It feels right to stick to the genre convention and write the story in Deep POV.

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