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Tami Blankenship
  1. Whose story is this? (Who are readers supposed to care about?) Mia & Castor
  2. Is there more than one character whose story this is? Do they need their POV to be featured just as heavily as the other(s)? There are two main characters. It is important to share both of their experiences.
  3. If we limit the book through only a few POVs, what, if anything, will readers not learn that is essential to the story? The two POVs should cover the important bits that the reader will need to learn for the story.
    1. Do they need to learn this information before (or in a different way than) the character does? Not really. It is better for the reader to learn as they go.
  4. What genre is your book? Who is the main audience? SFR with the main audience being SFR readers.
    • . Is Deep POV a common method of writing in your genre/audience? Sometimes
  5. What are the benefits of having such a limited perspective for your story? It will really allow the reader to feel the connection with the main characters and feel deeper about their relationship.
    • . What are the cons? None really
  6. Is your narrator (POV character) reliable or unreliable? Mostly reliable.
  7. How would Deep POV enhance your story? It would give the reader a better experience with feeling the emotions of the characters.
  8. How would Deep POV limit your story? The worldbuilding would be limited to what the characters know.
  9. Bonus Q: What does your gut say about using Deep POV in this book? Go for it.



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