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Well, here we are, Friday all ready and I haven’t checked in for this week.

I’m still intend to get my tutorial for GIMP in a format that I can share it in but between editing my WIP and working on designing book covers I just haven’t gotten a chance to work on it.

I decided that as long as I learned photo editing and am spending so much time playing around with it I might as well see if I can make some income doing this.  I signed up with Reedsy and submitted my profile with samples of book covers and am waiting to see if I get approved or not. This morning I signed up with Selfpubbookcovers as an “artist” so I can submit premade book covers for sale.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ll have to get busy and get the word out that I’m doing this or finding me on either one of these websites is going to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I think I like the idea of just placing premade covers for sale (Selfpubbookcovers) instead of having authors contact me to make a cover (Reedsy) is what I want to do. I might cancel my account with Reedsy. But I’ll have to think about this a little more before I actually do it.

Hope this works out. I’ve been spending so much time on GIMP playing around – maybe if I can pick up a little extra money doing this I won’t feel so much like I’m wasting time.

That’s it for this past week. Now it’s almost time to check in for the current week.



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