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Nickie Cochran w/a Lexie Nicholas

Hi all,

I’ve missed the last 2 weekends of check-ins. The one before last, we spent a few awesome days down at the beach for or our 30th anniversary. And last weekend I’ve spent Fri-Sun in the hospital, which was not as awesome, but I’m way better. The good news was that while I was plugged into monitors and hooked up to an IV, I was able to finish the last edits of my Christmas novel and sent it off to my editor. This last week, I focused on refining my cover and blurb so I’ll have my ducks in a row when it’s time to get the book loaded for pre-order.

My goal for this coming week is to continue with the readthrough for the structural edit of my next novel in my Southern Storms series and do 1+ scene a day for consistency.

Whenever I’m back to writing, I’ll join ya’ll in sprints.

I hope everyone is having an awesome week!!!




Author of Sweet Small-Town Romances as Lexie Nicholas
Author of Sweet Lighthearted Ghost Romances as Nickie Cochran


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