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Katie McCoach

Thanks for sharing, Laura. Since your story is 60/40 Heroine and Hero, it sounds like deep POV may absolutely be beneficial. It’s so heavily both of their stories, and diving deep into their POV will allow readers to feel truly passionate about each story and arc. If there any additional POV scenes besides theirs, I would consider doing those in a limited third.

Medical romance sounds fun!


Homework Lesson 2 Deep POV

Whose story is this? My plastic surgeon heroine. This is a romance with two POVs. Each character has an arc, although the heroine’s arc is more challenging. The heroine’s POV has. more page time. I haven’t calculated the ratio, but about 60/40.

What might reader miss? I haven’t come up with key information that can’t be conveyed by POV characters or their co-workers. Hospitals are like a small town with lots of opportunities for ‘you know, Bob!’ I need to think about what is outside the characters’ awareness that reader can track through the story.

Genre: contemporary medical romance. Audience: romance readers, skew older, likely to be in a profession that involves travel.

Deep POV is often used but not used consistently in contemporary romance. I’m considering some scenes that are DEEP POV and some that are not. I wrote the first draft in 3rd person limited with 2 POVs. The scenes that take place in the OR could benefit from deep POV.

As I imagine a book that is both POV, both deep, I wonder if that would be as compelling as one POV deep (Heroine), one not (hero). As I imagine ALL Deep I wonder if that will have the tone I’m trying to achieve. Some of the scenes have deep meaning but some are light.

My narrators are reliable.

I am not sure yet if these revisions will lead to consistent Deep POV!

Katie McCoach, Instructor
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