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Zara West

Thank you, Vickie,

Your feedback is very helpful.

As far as order -I like your suggestion of working from simple to complex or from familiar to unfamiliar. But it is hard to do because what is simple/familiar for some is not for others.

I struggled over the order so much. Ideally straight alphabetization would be best. But I had to keep the format in the same style as the other books so I needed to create chapters. That meant I had to group by similarity and use.

But of course, many have similar uses like to emphasize an idea. That is why I have built a How to Fix index so writers can look up a problem and then click links to the devices to use. I am hoping the How to Fix index will be where writers go to find what is useful for them, rather than reading through the whole book.

Here’s a bit from the index. Each bullet is hot linked to the appropriate section.
<h1>Voice: Create Character Voice</h1>

  • Give a character a unique voice or show a particular knowledge set, such as an expertise on Shakespeare.
  • Give a humorous voice to a fictional character or indicate flightiness, pseudo-intellectualism, or low intelligence.
  • Give an antique voice to an older, religious, and/or intellectual character in fiction.
  • Make a fiction character sound stronger or rougher.

Does it look useful to you?



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