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Victoria Elliot

Angel is a jerk. 🤣

Option A

A hysterical giggle escaped Jenny’s lips. He was kidding, right?

One look at her manager’s fat, red face and pursed lips told her otherwise.

“Come on, Gary. You know me. You don’t honestly believe I’m a thief?”

She’d given three years of her life to this dead-end job. Not because she liked it, but because she’d had no other choice. Getting fired wasn’t an option. No unemployment. No references. She’d be screwed. Utterly and completely screwed.

“I need to call headquarters.” He picked up the handset.

Her heart raced. Shit. She couldn’t let that happen. “Let’s talk about this.”

Gary flipped through the rolodex and extracted a card. His finger hovered over the keypad on the phone.

Spots floated in her vision. She barely registered her hand gripping the paring knife she’d been using to chop onions only moments before. She thrust it towards Gary and motioned with the tip of the blade for him to put the phone down. “Don’t make me do something I’m going to regret. Put the phone down.”


Option C

Angel left Stan’s office in a daze. He’d planned to tell the company’s president it was time to say goodbye to the firm he’d loved for nearly forty years, but hadn’t gotten the chance. As soon as he’d set foot in the executive suite, Stan shoved a scotch at him and offered him his dream job.

Chief Executive Officer.

The same job his cocky, younger self had declared would be his. Angel snorted, remembering his interview for an entry level position just out of college. He’d thought he had it all figured out. Work hard. Rise up the ranks.

But at what cost? He’d neglected his personal life, and now his sweet Hazel was dying. His stomach knotted. He scrubbed a hand over his face. All that time lost. Spending her last days with her, showing her how much he loved her. It was the least he could do.

Can I think about it? He nearly laughed. Had he really asked that question? There was nothing to think about. His wife needed him.

Of course, if he did take it, she’d understand. She knew how much his job meant to him. Missed birthdays. Forgotten anniversaries. She’d taken it all in stride.

This time would be no different.


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