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Katie McCoach

Victoria!! Look at you. These are SOLID.

Hero: Nate

Heroine: Angie

Nate needs to know why his father was murdered [goal] because whoever targeted his dad might also be after his brother and sister [motive]. Since he was young, Nate has believed his brother and sister’s safety rested on his shoulders [internal stakes], and if he can’t protect them he is a failure [flaw]. Unfortunately, this burden causes him to second guess all of his decisions, and this time his cautious nature might be what leads danger to his doorstep  [external stakes].

Angie wants to find out why her criminal informant was killed [goal]. She believes he wouldn’t be dead if she hadn’t pressured him to get closer to the drug lord she was investigating [motive]. Angie already blames herself for her sister’s death, and she can’t have one more death on her conscience [internal stakes]. Now that Nate has tagged along on her mission, she has him to worry about, too. If she can’t overcome the belief she’s not fit to be responsible for another person’s life [flaw], she might push him away forever [external stakes].

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Katie McCoach, Instructor
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