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Katie McCoach


Great work! So actually, I think your current motive is actually her goal. She wants to have the American dream and be a US citizen. WHY though. That’s where the motive truly lies. Why does this feel so important to her? What in her past makes her feel like this is what she needs? What belief does she live by (and bonus: where does it come from) that makes her think this?

Do you see how when we really go deeper and ask questions, we get to know this character on a completely new level…or dare I say it…depth?

Homework 3

Justyna wants to marry an American citizen for green card (goal) because: 1) She wants to stay legally in the USA, 2) She want to live American Dream (motives). If she doesn’t find a candidate, 1) she would have to return to her country where there are not jobs prospects for an art school graduate or 2) if she finds a wrong one, he may report her to INS and she’d be either imprisoned or deported (external stakes). She is ready to commit the fraud as she always lies (and later finds hundred excuses it was right thing to do) as she’s too pride to admit she may fail (flaw). If she lies again, this time about her true feelings, she will lose the love of her live and HEA (internal stakes).

I’m writing the story at first person POV, so I only did this exercise for my protagonist 🙂

Katie McCoach, Instructor
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