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Katie McCoach

CP Rider, is it weird I want to cry happy tears reading this?

Note: Katie, thanks for this assignment! I always do GMC for my characters, but, for some reason, doing it again from scratch this morning triggered something in my brain and I solved a huge problem in my current MS. Thank you, and I would encourage everyone here to do this exercise even if you think you know your characters. It’s spooky-weird how well this worked for me.

I am SO happy to hear this!! I love breakthroughs.

Betty’s guilt-flaw is *chef’s kiss*. It’s rooted in her past, it’s clear it influences her decisions and actions, and it has significantly taken a toll on her life. YESS.

Also, ooo, I love Herman’s flaws and motive. They directly lead to those stakes. Great work. I feel like you really know the soul of your characters and that’s going to be really powerful as you write their POVs.

Katie McCoach, Instructor
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