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Hi, Cheryl, Mary and Everyone,

Lately, I’ve fallen into thinking I’m not productive because I now spend so much time “playing” in GIMP (the photo editing program). This is why it’s important for me to keep a time sheet/log where I enter each writing-related activity that I do each day.

My new goal is to spend one to two hours working on writing my WIP and editing my short stories. By entering my the time that I spent doing this into my time sheet, I can see how much time I’ve spent on these activities and make sure I meet this goal.

After all the hours I’ve spent playing with photo editing, today I uploaded three new covers that I designed to and I resubmitted one that I had uploaded before that they asked me to make some adjustments to. That one I resubmitted was part of a group of four covers I uploaded and three got rejected.

I also designed a cover that I love so much, I don’t want to sell it. I want to used it to create a Christmas card. It’s a little girl in a nightgown that’s fallen asleep in a chair clutching a teddy bear. I put an open window behind her and in the night sky, the silhouette of Santa in his sleigh and the reindeers is in front of a full moon and you know she’s fallen asleep waiting for Santa. I also put in a blue and white rocking horse and a decorated Christmas tree. I cannot bear to part with this one and have someone else use it.

Now with this upload, I don’t feel quite so much as if I’ve been wasting my time.

So, that’s been my week. This week, I’m waiting to hear if any of my covers that are being considered pass muster and get accepted.

I might decide to set up a merchant account so I can take MasterCard and Visa and sell my cover designs myself from my website, but want to see how this goes with Selfpubbookcovers first.

Have a great week everyone!



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