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Kathy Crouch

Hi Y’all,

I’m still working on the 90k+ novel I wrote in July. I have 3 different ways it can happen (kidnapping of a baby). I wrote 3315 one day one it and a few more on another one.

But mainly this week I kept going forward with the original one I wrote.

Trying to survive Texas summer without ac living in a 2 story house while desperately trying to find my own place.  I get my application on a place and end up in the numbers 6-10 on the list and someone in 1-5 views the place and puts the deposit down leaving the rest of us out of luck.

I keep trying and trying.  Meanwhile Starbucks is my hangout in the afternoons until time to close. They close at 10 central time so I usually try to pack up about 9:15-9:30 to get out of their way.


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