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Nickie Cochran w/a Lexie Nicholas

Hi all,

Good job everyone for making progress. I keep telling myself that if I edit or write 1 scene a day that’s one scene closer to publishing!!! Then, once I finish working my 1 scene in the evenings, I will usually keep going a bit longer, depending on how my day went.

So going back to last week, I’ve reached my editing goal, and instead of just editing 1 scene, I did about 2-3 in a sitting, which is about the sweet spot for me for this stage of editing on a workday.

For this week, why mess with a good thing? So I’ll shoot for 1 scene a day and realistically do 2-3. It gives me permission to ease up when I get too stressed, but it also keeps the momentum & routine going.

Have a happy and productive week!!!



Author of Sweet Small-Town Romances as Lexie Nicholas
Author of Sweet Lighthearted Ghost Romances as Nickie Cochran


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