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Hi everyone:

Nice to see you all doing your best out there. This week I’m babysitting my daughter’s dogs, so I have 4 floofers with me. Three of them sleep with me, so you can imagine how fun that is. 😳 Honestly, it’s all right, because I could use a little doggy TLC right now.

I managed to eek by with 7843 words last week. My goal was 10K, but I was dragging. My heart hurts after the loss of my cousin and friend, and I needed to veg for a couple of days. I’m doing better now. Keeping my goal at 10K words this week. So far, I’m hitting my daily goal.

Wishing you all a fabulous week! Don’t forget about the Chain Event and the FTHRW social media challenge coming up in September. 🙂



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