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Reposting the original post, since it’s been a while! ~CPR🌸


Hello Writers!

This is the Chain Event post⛓ Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

➡Please take a moment and:

  1. Add your name to the spreadsheet SEPTEMBER CHAIN EVENT 2021 💻*
  2. Post your daily writing goal* here ✍🏻
  3. Tell us how you’re going to reward yourself when you hit your goal! 🏆

Goals can change, it’s okay.

Cheryl Rider

Your friendly neighborhood Productivity Forum moderator

💻*Please go in and type your name in the appropriate spot. Remember that you can only do whole numbers, so if you have 1.5 pages edited, only count the 1 for that day and add the .5 to your total for the next. You can track anything here (word count/days/hours/chapters) as long as your goal is represented with a whole number.


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