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Well, here we are at Week 35 already and I completely missed checking in for Week 34. I managed to put aside my obsession with creating book covers enough to finish the alomost-final edit for one of my historical short stories for my next short-story collection. Now I just have to do a check for overly-used words and then a spell check.

My new goal is to send at least an hour, preferably an hour and a half to two hours on editing my short stories.

I also managed to write a little in my new WIP, a historical romance and I made myself plan/plot a little even though I’m a pantser. Flying by the seat of my pants just wasn’t working and I needed some direction as to what the conflicts/obstacles that are keeping the heroine and hero apart until toward the end of the story. I think the reason why I was putting off working on the WIP was because I didn’t have a clear idea how I was going to move it to the end.

My exciting news is that I’ve got 5 pre-made book covers that I designed posted for sale on the website for the book cover company. I’m going to have to do some marketing to bring them to attention of indie authors looking for cover designs because the company’s estimation is that they have 30,000 covers on their site. So, mine are needles in a haystack. I’ve got one romance/historical romance cover posted, two Christmas/fantasy covers and one fantasy cover posted. I’ve also got 4 more covers ready, but some of them I want to keep for myself and not post for sale. I’ll have to think up a story to go with those.

I’m considering putting a page on my website where I sell my covers directly to the public instead of going through a middle man. I had to set up a Paypal account to get paid by the book cover website and it looks like if I decide to sell my covers myself I can invoice customers through the Paypal account. That way I’d make more money.

The book cover company takes 50% of the price that you set. So If I sell a cover at $80 on this site, they keep $40 and give me $4o. I was initially thinking I didn’t want to deal directly with the customers but if I sold the cover on my website at $80, I’d keep the whole thing for myself.

I’m glad I went this route to begin with, though, because I’ve learned a lot. Some of my covers, they didn’t approve. But for the 5 that they approved, for 4 of them, they initially didn’t approve, but gave suggestions on how to revise them and then re-poist them. When I followed the suggestions and re-posted, they were accepted. For one of them, it was just making the font on the book title and author name larger. One of the suggestions was on how to use the clone tool to blend an image I added into the background I’d set it in. And the third suggestion was to put in a shadow under the person in the cover and under some of the objects. I had on idea how to do that and had to watch a tutorial on YouTube. But the tool the tutorial used to place the shadow under the object was very difficult and I just couldn’t figure out how to use it (the tutorial made it look so easy). So I had to take a look at the other tools in the drop-down list that the tool the video said to use is in and try them all. Through trial and error, I figured out what I could use that I could manipulate to make the shadow in the place I wanted it to be.

The last cover I submitted after learning all this was approved right away without being sent back for corrections.

I’m now quite good at using the clone tool and at putting shadows under people and objects. These two things alone have made pursuing this book cover site worth while.

At least all this plus writing and editing is keeping me busy during this COVID time.

Well on to next week. Have a good one everyone.




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