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Hi Catherine,

For homework #1, I logged on to my Nanowrimo account and promptly made a mistake. It wasn’t fatal! I added a goal for November 2021 to a draft I had finished last year. I finally figured out how to delete that mistake, and then added a new project with the same goal for this November.

I found your user name and requested we be buddies!

And I added a sentence to my bio.

I’m glad this class is early and look forward to the prepping.



Buddies accepted! 🙂

Glad you were able to figure out how to update the project for 2021. I just logged in today and noticed they added NaNoWrimo 2021 as a choice in the new project menu (it hadn’t been there last week, just Camp Nano was avail), so it’s great that we can set up November projects now. I was worried it might be a little early, so nice to see it isn’t.

I think I’m going to be working on a non-fiction project this time around. Mostly because I’m just finishing up a “how-to” book based on my Character Journaling workshop and I guess I’m in a non-fiction state of mind at the moment. 🙂 A lot can change before Nov 1, but for now, that’s that plan.


Catherine Chant,
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