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Nice to see everyone is busy and productive! With the Chain Event and the social media challenge on top of a Margie Lawson class and a looming deadline, I’ve been stretched a bit thin, but I’m also the sort of person who usually performs better under that sort of pressure. It means I have to plan everything out, which leaves less time for dawdling, as my grandmother used to say. 😉

This week I fell a bit short of my 10K goal. Two of my kiddos were here, and I took time off to enjoy being with them. 9259 words for the week isn’t bad, though.

This week my goal is the same. 10K words. I need to get moving if I expect to turn this MS over to my editor by the 20th. 😬

If you’re on Instagram, check out the hashtag #fthrw21 to see what we’re up to with the social media challenge. We’ll definitely do it again.

Have a great week!



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