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I. Tentative Workshop Schedule for 2022
(All 4 Weeks except Surviving NANO)

January: Gratitude is easier than you think!
February : Writing Sex Scenes
March: Dealing with the Procrastinator Within
April: Myths, Fairy Tales and Dreams for Stories that Sell
May: Writing the Romance Novella
June: Where Did I Put Those Tools? (editing)
September: Mastering Your Creative Process
October: Surviving NANO

I have scheduled only 8 at the direction of Shirley Tudhope and Connie Bretes with the object being to remain within the $2000 budget;

Until this month we had not received any proposals for workshops. This schedule is a result of solicitation to previous and prospective new presenters. After this schedule was created, I received several proposals from one experienced presenter. I can add at least one 4 week from her if the Board want’s more months covered.

II. Revision of Workshop Procedures Manual

In June of 2018 FTHRW moved from using Yahoo Groups to hosting on our own website. Here is an excerpt of the Workshop Committee report for September of 2018:

Workshop Committee is thrilled with the new process. As the month has gone on fewer members are submitting the old forms. We have developed an e-mail with instructions to those who do submit the old forms. Merien is graciously assisting non-members and the few members who have difficulty following the basic instructions. Since we no longer register, I’m no sure how to get a count of people who sign up for each workshop. And I’m thinking that, in any event, workshop evaluations are much more valuable than raw numbers. I don’t receive evaluations. Perhaps we should create an evaluation form to be included as part of the forum for the workshop committee’s use. I’m also wondering how much monitoring is needed with the new process. Clearly we need some monitoring but I think much less and Arel and I should create new monitoring instructions and a new introduction.

Basically, after July of 2018 the Workshop Procedures manual became virtually obsolete, since the procedures and oversight required under the old manual were no longer applicable. It was the Workshop Committee’s job to facilitate scheduling and monitoring of workshops in the new environment. Arel Jensen and I undertook those tasks and with the help of our amazing efficient and helpful tech team, Merien Grey and Marie Benesh we were able to get the new system working efficiently. When Arel became Treasurer, I continued on my own. It was a learning experience. I realized that the Procedures Manual needed updating, but it was and is a daunting task, and I concentrated on solving issues involving presenters and participants, including non-member interface where necessary. Interface and communication are now the primary task for the Workshop Committee.

Subsequent requests for help in revising the manual were unsuccessful. I’m pleased to report that Shirley and Connie have undertaken the task of revising the manual. I have given them some preliminary notes. (See attached). Unfortunately, due to some medical issues and religious obligations (Rosh Hashanah begins tonight, September 6 at sunset, and continues until and hour after sunset on Wednesday), I haven’t been able to add to those notes in time to submit them to the Board before the Board meeting and I am unable to attend via Internet. [We don’t use electronic devices during this and other major holidays]. I do hope to provide additional notes when I am back online.

Respectfully Submitted
Ruchama Burrell
Workshop Committee


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