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Hi Cathy,

I skipped lesson 1. I work at a high school, and for the last two years I’ve done NaNo with a group of students (with varying degrees of success). There is a separate website for school-based NaNo programs called NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. I can’t manage two tracking progress on two sites, so I use this one, though to be honest, it’s a bit lonely. I’ve noticed a lot of students will create an account, log a goal, and then never log in again. I imagine this happens in the adult world, too.


I agree, Vicki. I’m guilty of this myself. When I logged into the NaNo website last week I saw I’d only recorded about 6000 words of my project last year. I know I wrote more than that, but I must have forgotten to update my totals. It’s easy to forget if it’s not something you regularly do.

I find that if you are in some sort of NaNo group, like through your RWA chapter, where you are surrounded by active participants, you tend to be more active yourself about updating numbers and tracking progress, but some years I have just gone it alone as a personal challenge to see how far I get, and don’t necessarily memorialize it on the website.

Cathy 🙂

Catherine Chant,
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