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I wonder if I need to think of a more concrete GMC. Jack is the third sibling in a three-book series. I have a lot of general backstory to draw from, but I haven’t done a lot with his character up until this point.

My GMC sentence:
Jack Hughes wants to have a normal life because it means his family is no longer in danger, but he can’t have it because a gangster seeking revenge is still out there and there’s no telling who he’ll target next.

Hi Vicki,

This is a good start, and it’s helpful that you have some back story to pull from in the brainstorming and world building for the previous books.

To want a normal life feels a little nebulous (feels more like an emotional goal than a tangible one, because what would the actionable steps to achieve this look like?), but knowing that a normal life is his ultimate desire, think about how that might manifest itself to him in something physical he can “go after” (even if he’s mistaken, and only thinks that this “physical thing” will get him the normal life his heart yearns for). For some men, it might be a certain type of job, or buying a certain piece of property because it’s the image of normal, or maybe a relationship with a specific someone because building a family is “normal”?

Think about what normal means to him, how he envisions it, and then think about how that might become a story goal he’s actively pursuing to try to get that normal life, and then look at what stands in his way, why hasn’t been able to get this before this moment in his life. Does that make sense?

Cathy 🙂

Catherine Chant,
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