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I’m planning a contemporary romance set at a teaching hospital in NYC.

A fourth-year med student who still flinches at the sight of blood is convinced she in an imposter because she can’t decide on her specialty.

The heroes are both 4th year medical students doing a sub-internship, a month’s rotation, in emergency medicine. I don’t have a snappy single sentence for each yet. They are both in the process of applying for their match, the internship which follows ┬ámedical school and their lives are in a moment of flux.

The heroine, a small-town girl, is finishing her medical degree in-state at University of Nebraska Medical Center, and to get ‘out of Dodge’ is doing a semester of her 4th year clinicals in NYC. She is an excellent student and suffers from imposter syndrome. She is floundering, not sure medicine is the best fir for her but she always has done what others tell her to do.

The hero is a New York City boy finishing his degree at a NY medical school. He is pragmatic, committed to the grind, and has decided to specialize in emergency medicine.

I really liked Victoria’s setup of that carefree pilot!


Hi Laura,

Your main character sounds very interesting and her internal struggles with not only a distaste for blood (given her chosen profession), and the imposter syndrome give you a lot of great “baggage” to work with in the story for creating obstacles she must overcome. It also makes her very relatable for the readers, I think. She feels real. Nice job!

Cathy ­čÖé

Catherine Chant,
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