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Mona Enderli w/a Merit Fynn

Finally!! I can log in again after being locked out for weeks. Apparently, the issue is in my other laptop, because I had to buy a new one for my writing and thought I’d see if I could log in from it. And it worked!

Since I last posted, my husband had emergency quadruple bypass surgery on his heart on Aug. 19th. His arteries were 95, 99, and 100% blocked, which accounted for the health issues that dogged him. He’s doing much better now, thank goodness.

I’ve missed you all and missed keeping up with your writing adventures. Now that I can access the website again, I’ll be around more. I’m not writing right now because my hands are full, but I’m jotting down notes on characters, worldbuilding, and storyline. Hopefully, I’ll have time to devote to writing again.

Happy writing, y’all.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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