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Thanks for working through this with me. The first two stories came really quickly, I’m not sure why this one has been such a struggle. I started working on lesson 4 over the weekend, and I think I’m getting closer. The other problem is I haven’t figured out who the love interest is yet. 😐

When it comes to love interests, I always like to start with who is the worst person for my hero to fall in love with and go from there.

In your hero’s case, maybe that’s someone close to the man he wants to take down? Or someone who would be hurt by his actions? Or someone who has him second guessing his plan every step of the way?

Or maybe someone who was part of the plot to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit? Maybe someone who, for her own reasons, doesn’t want the gangster dead? (or not dead just yet?)

Someone else could have a plan of her own that has to do with the gangster and the hero is a big obstacle/complication for her, so she needs him out of the way.

Keep playing with possibilities and you’ll get there.

Cathy 🙂


Catherine Chant,
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