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Kathy, that’s a nice word count! So glad Texas is cooling down. We’ve heated up a bit, but it’s San Diego, so hot for us isn’t really all that bad… 😉

Dory, what a sweet husband you have. I hope you both had a wonderful time and I’m glad you’re feeling recharged.

I smashed my 10K word goal this week, coming in at 13,514 words. Finally passed the crisis point and climax and I’m sliding into the resolution this week. Adjusting my goal, as I don’t have much left to write.

New goal: write 7 out of 7 days (edits, read-through, or new words)

I’m also participating in the Chain Event and the social media challenge. Plus, I’m smack in the middle of a Margie Lawson class. So, lots going on, but all good things!



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