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Cheryl PitonesCPRider

    It sounds like you have a really nice brother-in-law, Kathy. As for where that toddler went, let me know when you find out. My “toddler” is 22. 😳

    Happy writing today!


    I forgot to mention. It seems to help writing here. Of course it’s still too hot at the house to even think about writing. Today it went back up into the low 90s.

    My brother-in-law is babysitting. His son and daughter-in-law are away from home and he’s staying out there with the 12 and 11 year old grandkids. The girl,  Kylee is 12 and the boy, Tyler is 11. She will be 13 in November. My other great niece, her mother is my niece, will be 13 in October. The oldest great niece will be 20 in October still trying to figure out where the toddler went that I remember. <G>