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Kathy Crouch

HI Cheryl and all,

Today I was in a fog at Starbucks. I didn’t sleep well either of the past two nights. Sleep for a minute and wake up sweating. Last night I just tossed and turned, wiggled and squiggled all over the bed. Flop on the back, wake up turn to the  side oh can’t breathe stuffy nose that way. Roll over ugh it’s hot.

When I got to Starbucks today the guy came to me and said “We’re closing at 6:00 today.” I told him okay. Then thought well boo hiss. Another hour and I could move out to the patio and keep on writing. But at 6 the western sun is right there shining hot and bright. Now at 7ish it’s dropped down low and getting dark.

I did write 735 words today. I also completed 2 lessons on critiquing the KOD workshop I’ve been taking.




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