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Hi, Cheryl, Dory and Cathy!

Well, here we are, another week and again I missed posting last week. I kept thinking I’d get around to it and didn’t. I’ve managed to keep myself busy with another round of editing my historical short stories. They’re almost ready to send to the editor I’ve chosen. I’ll have her do a sample edit before sending everything to see if I like her feedback or not.  And I’ve been working with a beta reader on one of my completed novels.

I’m also designing book covers for the inspirational books my sister is writing and working on more book covers for myself. I hope to get ideas for more short stories or novellas for these covers – hoping for inspiration from them. They will become eBooks.

A friend of mine asked me to read a part of a memoir she’s writing and she sent me 118 pages! I wasn’t expecting maybe 10 pages or so. I read a few pages and it’s interesting, so I emailed her that it’s interesting hoping that would let me off the hook. But no. She replied with the suggestions she wants me to make. I’ll either have to reply telling her I haven’t got time to do the in-depth reading and suggestions that she wants or just take it a few pages at a time and it could take a month or two for me to get through 118 pages.

I did send her a link to an article on how to format a manuscript and she replied that she doesn’t want to do that because “I’m lazy and don’t enjoy doing that type of thing. She then sent me a like to some publishing service that charges $25,000 to do everything for you (book cover, editing, interior formatting, uploading to Amazon and other services). I then gave her some recommendations for an interior formatter and cover creator who I took a self-publishing workshop from (she’s good and her prices are reasonable) and links to Reedsy and the Freelance Editors Association because I think she can get what she wants done through these for less than $27,000. I’m really tempted to tell her that if she doesn’t want to do all this herself, she’s going to have to pay for it. I also suggested joining writers’ groups so she can get a beta reader. Hope she follows my advice.

I figured it was useless to try to convince her to do whatever she can for herself because she’s set on not wanting to do that.  And she has Asperger Syndrome. Her thought process is different than mine and I’m not sure she can focus on the different aspects of self publishing, so I don’t push it.

She’s obviously very smart – she has a Ph.D in public health and is very articulate. But you know, some people are just on different wave lengths.

Anyway, that’s my adventures. I’m glad I have things to keep me busy during COVID.




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