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Dory, it sounds like you have some good neighbors! That is scary, though. Glad all is well. Nice word count this week!

Kathy, great work count! Glad to hear your story is progressing well.

Jeanne, that’s a lot of money for a bunch of things that don’t cost nearly that much. One thing you might tell her is that those places aren’t incentivized to sell your book because they make all of their money from authors like her. So, once they get that $25,000, they’ll slap a $100 cover on it and put it up on all the sites and that’s it. No ads, no sales, no $. Plus, they often have predatory clauses in their contracts. Reedsy is a much better option. Still pricey, but not $25,000. I’m sorry she’s put you in this position, too. That’s not a good place to be.

As for me, I didn’t have a word count goal since I was nearing the end of my story, but I ended up with 7260 words this week, anyway. I finished an 82K word rewrite in 7 weeks, which is pretty fast considering everything I’ve got going on in my life right now. The book is off with the editor now, so that’s a relief.

I’ve kept my chain all month, but now that I’ve finished this draft, my goal will change. This week, I’m going to take it easier. I pushed hard to get this book finished and I’m worn out. So, I’m going to read and listen to books and get in a little writing, but nothing too intense.

Hope you all have a good week!





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