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Hi, Cheryl,

There are so many unscrupulous companies that suck writers in like that. I hope she will look into the recommendations that I gave her so she can get services that don’t cost so much. Personally, I’d rather put the time and effort into learning how to do as much of that stuff as I can in order to minimize the money that I have to shell out. But I will have to hire an editor for my novels. Fortunately, I’ve found a really good beta reader and I hope following her suggestions will help me minimize the cost of an editor.

I’ve found that I really enjoy having the control over my work that learning how to format for paperback and eBook, designing my own covers and having designed my own website has given me. And I do my own taxes, too (I have the advantage that I worked for the Hawaii State Department of Taxation for many years so preparing tax returns doesn’t scare me).



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