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Hi Cathy,

Thank you for answering my question about the hero. It really helped me to decide to have the her be the man who owns her dead husband’s debts and house.

I think one low point for her could be that she learns the art she has been selling to keep her home has all been purchased by the hero. Since it was art she had created she thought she was succeeding in something and that her art was becoming popular. She’s left feeling she is more in debt to the hero and that her success was not real.

The above feels like it could be the black moment but I’m not certain.

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Oooo, that adds another layer of conflict for the heroine! That seems like it would fit in nicely to the story. It could be the black moment if that’s her lowest point, but keep the door open to other possibilities too. Maybe the hero has a bigger secret he’s hiding. Maybe there’s something behind why he acquired the debts in the first place he wouldn’t want her to find out.

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