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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl and y’all,

I did drop below the 300 on 09-02-2021. But I’ve kept it intact since that day.

Today I wrote 620 words. I also “attended” two webinars on writing. The first one was presented by Authors Publish: Writing from the Upside Down – Stranger Things, Duende, & Subverting Expectations. It was presented by Jennifer Givhan who is a poet and book writer.

The second was a Sisters in Crime webinar. It was the first of a four part thing on <b>Short and Sweet: The Art and Craft of Short Mystery Fiction. </b>It was about writing short stories like for anthologies and things. It was quite interesting too.

Our weather has done a drastic 180 degrees. I got up at 4 this morning to go pee and it was only 65 degrees!

When I got up at 9:30 it was only 71 degrees. I had agreed to meet a friend at Starbucks at 11:00 so I got ready and met her there. After the two webinars, I came home to thaw out. It was so cold in there my nose was running. Even then at roughly 4:00 or so this afternoon it was only 84 degrees. These temps are Fahrenheit for our friends from Canada and other lands. We’re supposed to get down to the upper 50s tonight. Looking forward to sleeping so snug.

I’m going to be skipping Starbucks for now. If our weather takes a turn towards the upper or lower 90s I will be going back there to write. For the next week plus we’re not supposed to be higher than 88 or 89. Unless the house gets really hot, we haven’t even opened the downstairs windows tonight lol, I’m staying at home until 1 October when I get paid again.




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