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Kathy Crouch

HI Cheryl and everyone,

715 words today and closing in on the story. My chain has been intact since I broke it and then fixed it the next day. Broke it on day 2 how funny is that?

The idea I have for NaNo is nagging me so I need to finish this and start researching and working on NaNo Prep.

Here’s how today went.

Well an interesting day here today. I got up just before noon and headed for the shower. Afterwards I went to my room to get dressed. I was playing a game on my phone debating on going to Starbucks or stay home. Plus, I do need to take a box to UPS and run out to Harker Heights for an errand.

When I got to my room I realized it was raining. Not hard. Looked at the weather app on my phone and it says 15% of rain. I laughed and said it’s 15%ing all over the place out there. Then it quit and the sun returned. I kept dawdling playing a game on my phone. Looked up to see if it was raining again or not and noticed my fan was off. I have a box fan sitting in my bedroom window. I thought did that get turned off somehow? Then I glanced at the clock on top of the TV. It had a blank face. Ah okay power’s out.
My phone tells my no connection to the internet. I was like what? Then I was like well duh the power being off means the internet is down too.

Anyway, it came back on and I finished getting dressed and came downstairs. I fixed the last of the corn dogs. Filled my cup with water, I’ve left it down here after waking up to find the piss ants were drinking it. There was a trail of the little suckers going both ways. Looked inside the cup and some of them had drowned. Took my cup to the bathroom, washed it out and left it there while I got dressed. I remembered last night to ask Marc if he had some ant spray. He found the can and gave it to me. Before I left my room this afternoon I sprayed both sides of the desk and the wall at the baseboard to solve the problem.

I was sitting here writing, we were sprinting. We do 45 minute sprints then a 15 minute break and then go again. Anna called. She needed me to order something off Amazon for her using my prime. She used to be prime but I deleted her by accident trying to take her daughter and son off my Kindle. Anyway she can’t get back on under my prime for 6 months. While we were talking and I was searching the power went off again. Then I realized it was raining and blowing. I told her I have to get upstairs and get the windows closed it’s raining in. Unfortunately, by the time I got up there the carpet is wet, the window sills are wet. I forgot about the bathroom in Marc’s bedroom. There’s a window in there on the west side of the house. He said his bathroom is flooded. I felt bad that I didn’t realize it would be raining in upstairs. Then it leaked through the ceiling and wall downstairs. (Sob)

I couldn’t figure out where all the water came from down here. Um it came from upstairs.


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