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Doreen Jensen

Hello Peeps.

Its Thanksgiving day today here in Canada and hubby I and my mom are having ours today yesterday we had thanksgiving with the inlaws.Bil throws one for the whole famdamily and there were seven of us there. he used the BBQ and smoker to make a beef brisket and a duck.

Here we are going the traditional route with turkey as we never tire of it but its nice not to have 2 big turkey dinners back to back. Since we’ve been back I’m still playing catch-up with sleep and should feel my old energy return.

I’m still taking future learn classes and our own FTH ones. chain still in tact since I’ve come back from Scotland. (still trying to figure out how to load pic onto facebook.


Hope its been a productive week for all

I guess I should have included my totals –silly me–2301 words


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