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Kathy Crouch

Mary, I write every single day. At least 100 words when I’m not doing a challenge of some kind. Part of that is because of a loop I joined in 2008 or2009. The loop is called Writing GIAM 100×100.  GIAM stands for Goals,  Inspiration, Amity, Motivation. The 100×100 is 100 words for 100 days. We used to receive certificates mailed to us at the end of each 100 days. When we got to 300 we all decided to keep going to make it a year.  Many of us have reached year 7 and life slapped us down. We got back up and got back on the bus, as one lady calls it. I seem to close in on year 6 and something happens. But I keep going like we did on the chain event. Two ladies reached year 7 before they fell off. We’re like a family. We cheer each other on, offer empathy and sympathy on life and health issues of those we love.  I give full credit to this loop for my ability to make writing every day something I have to do.



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