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Hi, Cheryl, Dory and all.

You’re going great, Dory! I’m still working on editing, so my word count isn’t very high.

I’m now to the point in editing where I’m editing for the comments that I made and I’m going through the manuscripts for overly used words. My worst offenders as far as overly used words are grinned, smiled and nodded. The challenge for me is to show how the character is feeling and reacting without using those words. I rely on the book The Emotional Thesaurus a lot.

I’m still spending time designing book covers but trying not to be as addicted to this activity as I have been. So far, I have 9 pre-made covers I’ve designed available for sale on a website (not my website). No takers yet. I’ve got to be really aggressive getting the word out because there are 40,000 pre-made covers for sale on this site and it’s quite possible for your covers to get lost among all those.

On the non-writing front, I finally made myself go out and get the COVID vaccines. Got my 2nd Pfizer this past Wednesday. I had no side effects from the first one. With the second one, I had a slight headache, my arm that I got the shot in really hurt, I had muscle aches and I was really fatigued.  That lasted a couple of days, but those symptoms went away.

When I went for the first shot, I went on a walk in basis and there was hardly anyone there getting vaccinated. The second time, there are a lot more people there and I had to wait in line. I think it might have been people who got the vaccines more than 6 months ago and were there to get the booster shot.

I’m glad I finally made myself do this.

Anyway, have a good week, everyone.




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