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Hi everyone!

Dory, you’re very welcome! I get a lot out of these events, too. And nice word count this week. How are you liking your new computer? Have you got the wrinkles ironed out yet? 😊

Jeanne, I know what it’s like to get distracted. At least you got something useful from your distractions–a new skill. Smiled, grinned, shrugged are the three worst offenders when reaching for cliches in writing, aren’t they? I recently took a body language class on Margie Lawson’s site that gave me some insight and new skills. I highly recommend it. 🙂

Kathy, wow, I bet you are tired! Awesome word count! 🎉

As for me, I’m restarting this story. Again. Third time’s the charm. 😳 I think I’ve got it now. Hopefully.

My goal this week is 6000 words. 

Have a good one, everybody!



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