Reply To: Splash Lesson 1


Hi, Zara!

Here’s my assignment.

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>What attracted my attention?</span>


<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>My window in my bedroom where I write is open. The first thing that attracted my attention was a siren that went on for quite some time (hearing). I felt irritated at the nose and found my muscles tightening. Then I noticed the feel of the cool breeze on the side of my face and the arm that are facing the window. That made me relax a bit. I noticed the whish of traffic (hearing). My eyes felt dry from staring at the computer – I’m probably not blinking enough. I felt the seat of the chair beneath me. Out the window, I looked at the city below (I’m in a condo on the 35th floor) and the mountains and pieces of blue sky peaking out between gray clouds. If I hadn’t been making a conscious effort to notice these elements, I probably would have noticed them without paying much attention to them – except for that irritating siren. How did all this make me feel? I’m really glad to be living in a nice condo and have a nice area where I write.</span>



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