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August Chapter Minutes. May I have an approval and a second. Please do as a reply, on this topic. Don’t start a new topic, please.

August 2021 Chapter Meeting

The August chapter meeting was called to order on August 5, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST by President Shirley Tudhope.

President Shirley Tudhope opened with a message regarding FTHRW vote to disaffiliate and that FTHRW remains a chapter of RWA. President Tudhope also mentioned that the Board of Directors will be changing and that FTHRW is taking names of those interested in taking office. Further, the chapter had a great response from the survey and that the chapter will be contacting those interested in volunteer opportunities. President Tudhope also discussed that the chapter now has its own Zoom account.

The first order of business was to approve the April 2021 Secretary minutes drafted by Jessica Jayne, Secretary FTHRW and posted by President Shirley Tudhope. There were no June Chapter Meeting minutes because two townhalls were held. Connie Bretes motioned to approve the April Secretary minutes and Cheryl Rider seconded the motion. The April 2021 Chapter Meeting Secretary minutes were approved.

President Tudhope presented the July 2021 Cash Flow completed by Arel Jansen, Treasurer.

Connie Bretes, VP Programs reported on the results from the chapter survey.

Laura Russell, VP Communications, reported that our classes remain the draw for new members. We have 19 new members to date for 2021. VP Russell continues to mail pins to newest members.

No report presented by Social Media. 

Ana Morgan reported on the Critique Loop that it has been uncharacteristically quiet the past month. Check in responses show loop members are well but busy with summertime commitments.

Cheryl Rider, Productivity Forum Chair presented that the Productivity Forum will be holding another Chain Event in September. This is when members set individual daily goal and commit to hitting it every single day in a month, creating a “chain” of writing.  Chain can be anything writing related—drafting, editing, rewriting, etc. 

Cheryl Rider presented on behalf of the webinar committee. Next webinar is scheduled for Friday, October 28 at 5 pm Pacific time. Developmental editor Sue Brown-Moore will be giving tips on writing a solid story and will answer questions. She has worked with traditionally published and indie writers. Live webinar with no replay. 

President Shirley Tudhope presented on behalf of Merien Grey regarding the website. All backups complete. No server outages. All new members and renewals processed. August class up and running. All menus updated accordingly. Need 2022 workshop schedule to start creating forums by October 1.

President Shirley Tudhope presented on behalf of Ruchama Burrell, Chair Workshop Committee. The Mastering Character Arcs with Peter Andrews completed. Diving Seven Miles Deep with Deep Point of View with Katie McCoach started.

There was no Unfinished Business.

President Shirley Tudhope opened up New Business discussing what members are most interested in from the chapter survey results. 61% of members were interested in having a newsletter. Still need to fill the chair for Storm Plotters Forum and Beta Reader’s Group. Less than 50% expressed interest for a contest. President Tudhope discussed possibly changing it up. Again, President Tudhope mentioned the current board member positions will be expiring and the chapter needs people to fill those spots. 

Next Chapter meeting announced as October 7, 2021

President Shirley Tudhope adjourned the August 2021 Chapter Meeting on August 9, 2021 at 12:03 a.m. EST. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Jayne, 2020-2021 FTHRW Secretary

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