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Hi, Cheryl,

Wow, week 40 already.

I’m making progress on editing my short story collection. It’s taken me a long time to write and edit these. Most of this year. There are times when my interest in writing is flagging but I do some writing or editing every day, even if it isn’t much. So, at least I”m nearing the end of the editing process.

My interest in posting to my website has also flagged as I’ve gotten used to having it. But I finally posted a couple of the book cover creations I’d done.

I hope this is all right – I attached a Halloween “eCard” that I created in the GNU Image Manipulation program. Please let me know if it’s not okay to post something like this.

The last month and a half has been discouraging for me. My dear friend of 42 years fell down a flight of stairs at church (7 weeks ago today). She broke her left arm in 2 places – near the shoulder and just above the wrist. She also broke some ribs and had multiple strokes. We think she may have been having small strokes leading up to this. Also, she was unsteady on her feet, fell a few times prior to this.

This is the friend who I was spending time socializing with at the food court at the large shopping center in town. There was a whole gang of us retired people who spent time with each other every day at the food court – COVID put a stop to this and we had been looking forward to resuming this when restrictions are lifted.

I don’t think that’s going to happen. It looks as if she’s going to need 24-hour a day care for the rest of her life. The social worker and the administration at the care home where she is right now are working with her son (who is my God son) with the paperwork to get her on Medicaid to pay for her care.

We can keep hoping and praying that her condition will improve. At first, her doctors were advising her son to put her in hospice and just let her go. But she has improved a great deal and is no longer viewed as terminal.

Right now, due to COVID, no visitors are allowed in care homes. But I call her every day and talk with her a little while. She gets tired easily.

I am so sorry that things ended up like this for her. She’s been a good and dear friend for many years.

Here’s hoping that each day will bring healing to he and good things for all of us.





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