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Jeanne, I love the graphic! Sure, you can post them here. 🙂 Just not buy links, because it threatens FTH’s non-profit status.

Glad to hear you’re making progress on your short stories. We can get mired in edits sometimes, can’t we? Bogged down. I’m happy that you continue to push onward.

I’m so sorry about your friend.

And Dory, about your friend, too. It’s been such a tough couple of years for losses all around. Hugs to you both.

Nice to hear you had a good Thanksgiving with family, Dory! Weird coincidence: I had a dream last night that the supply chain broke down and there were no eggs anywhere on Thanksgiving. I was running around trying to find an egg for my aunt. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere… haha

As for me, I’m still chugging along. This is the third do-over on my witch story. I’m having a tough time focusing, but since I moved my Kanban board across the room, I’ve been doing better. Funny how that worked.

My goal this week is to catch up with where I was on the second rewrite, so 15K words into a 90K manuscript. I’m close now. Hoping to actually add in some completely new stuff soon.



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