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It’s me again. ?

Last week was kind of a bust for me and this week ain’t lookin’ all that great, either. This leak is turning out to be more extensive than we first thought and my office is a wreck. I’m going to have to buckle down and lock myself in my bedroom with my laptop.

I still want to do a writing drive! Aaargh! I’m sorry I’ve been failing in this. I think I might be stretched a smidge too thin and I need to evaluate how I’m spending my time.

What do you all do when you’re feeling stretched like that?


Wow! When you do something, you don’t do it halfway. Hopefully they’ll get your leak fixed without too much trouble, but after years in the construction business…..I doubt it.

Sometimes when you get stretched too thin, you have to let something slide for a while. In this situation, it would be totally understandable and, in fact, recommended. You’ve got to look out for yourself first. Everything else will be there once you’re ready to tackle it again.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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