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Wow! When you do something, you don’t do it halfway. Hopefully they’ll get your leak fixed without too much trouble, but after years in the construction business…..I doubt it.

Sometimes when you get stretched too thin, you have to let something slide for a while. In this situation, it would be totally understandable and, in fact, recommended. You’ve got to look out for yourself first. Everything else will be there once you’re ready to tackle it again.

Thanks, Mona 🙂

We hired someone to dig a three-foot-deep trench from our garage to my office so we don’t have to do this again in ten years (if we’re even here). California has a law about asbestos, and if they’ve found it anywhere in your house, you have to have a containment company come out when you do construction. It looks like that final scene from ET when they’re here. However, if my husband does the cutting himself, we’re fine. The thing is, my husband is an IT Engineer and hasn’t done construction in a long time. Ugh. So, we’re winging it.

Ah well, this too shall pass, right?



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