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If any of ya’ll are members of Pro Writing Aid, they have an upcoming free webinar that might be of interest to romance writers. Here’s the description.
<h2>October Topic: What Professional Editors Look for in a Love Story</h2>
Learn how to edit your book! On the third Thursday of every month, you’re invited to join Story Coach JoEllen Nordström for Self-Editing School.

In this session:

Learn how to self-edit your romance novel with professional editor, JoEllen Nordström. Different genres require different approaches. Romance readers expect certain elements in their love stories. This month, JoEllen will help you make sure you’ve covered them all in your romance novel.

NOTE: We record all webinars and send out a replay the following day. So, even if you are not able to make this date/time, it’s still worth registering to get the recording.
<p class=”date”>October 21, 2021 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM UK</p>

If you haven’t tried them out, you can sign up for a free account and I think that will give you access to the webinars. If you can’t afford a professional editor, their system is really good at cleaning up little things in your writing that you become blind to after reading your manuscript dozens of times.


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