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Hi, Cheryl and everyone!

Wow! Week 42 already and the end of 2021 is in sight, How fast this year is going.

Well, after several months of just plodding along with editing my short stories because I was spending so much time learning the GNU Image Manipulation Program and then spending so much time designing book covers and greeting cards and in general playing around with it – I am finaly making headway with my editing, Like with your Keep Writing graphic, Cheryl, I put my foot down with myself and have been spending more time editing.

Three of my short stories ended up being not so short – they are from 20,000 words to 23,000 words, which makes them novellas. So, I will not include them in the collection and make them stand alone eBooks that I sell for $3.00 each on Amazon.

The three shorter ones are 8,000 words, 12,000 words and 14,000 words and these I will put on Amazon as a collection under one title (each has it’s own title, but the book will have one title).

All the stories, the shorts and the novellas, are about overcoming something and succeeding.

The three shorts are ready for the final proofread and spell check, then on to copyrighting the collection, then on to publishing through KDP as an eBook.

With the collection of shorts and with the three novellas, I plan to do eBooks only and no paperbacks.

I am greatly relieved that I finally got myself to come this far with them.

Once the collection is published then I will turn my attention to finishing up the novellas; then I’ll copyright and then publish.

And all of them will have covers that I designed. This is so exciting.

By time they’re all published, it will be a year since I started writing them.

Have a good week everyone. I’m looking forward to reading about your progress this past week.



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