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Premise – Jeanne Moore

Three premises.


A woman who’s a freelance writer forgets to turn her clocks ahead an hour when she goes to bet the night before daylight savings goes into effect. When she arrives at the coffee shop where she does much of her writing the next morning, she’s mystified that there are so many more cars in the parking lot and customers in the restaurant than usual. And there’s a man occupying her usual table. Once she realizes what happened and she gets over being upset, a romantic interest develops between the two of them.


A woman newspaper reporter gets sent by her editor to the local Humane Society’s annual open house to do a story on adopting a pet from the shelter. Her contact is the veterinarian for the enter. She’s quite taken aback when she finds out that the man with the baritone voice she’s spoken to on the phone is shorter than she is (she’s 5’9″). But his manner with a frightened, panicking kitten wins her over and by the end of the story a romantic interest has developed between the two of them.


It’s the late 1800s in Wyoming. We find an 18-year-old boy sitting on a tree stump in the barnyard with a sketch pad and pencil. His abusive father comes barreling out of the house, berates him for his interest in something that’s too “girlie” and orders the boy to get to work. Entering the barn, the boy hears noises in the hayloft. He climbs the ladder to find a barn owl in the loft. Much to his surprise, she summersaults and turns into a young girl. She offers to help him with his chores so he an have more time to draw with one condition. He is never to watch her turn back into an owl or into a human again. She also suggests he go to Laramie looking for a job doing art work for the local newspaper. In disbelieve, he climbs down the ladder and begins doing chores. The owl maiden descends into the barn. The boys father marches into the barn, yells at him for being in there with a girl and lunges for him. The girl summersaults, flies between the father and then out of the barn. The boy knows he will never see her again because both he and his father saw her turn back into an owl. He gather’s his tablet and pencils and runs out of the barn with the intention of going to Laramie.


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