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Hi, Cheryl and all.

Here we are – week 43 and the beginning of November. Can you believe how fast the year is going?

No that I’m not obsessed with creating book covers and posting them to the website where they’re for sale (no sales yet), I’m putting in much less hours. But the hours that I’m editing and writing has increased. When I was working on the book covers, I was putting in anywhere from 4 to 6 or 7 hours a day, but maybe an hour or so of that would be on writing and editing. The rest of the time was on creating book covers.

Now, I’m doing 2 to 4 ours a day and it’s all writing and editing. I’m almost done editing my short stories and novellas (of the 6 that were all going to be short stories, 3 are short stories and 3 ended up being novellas). And I’m now writing 2 more novellas. I really like writing the shorts and the novellas because I don’t have to sustain them as long as a novel and I don’t have to have as many incidents happen.

For the two novellas (which are both historical romances), I plan on having one major and important incident happen in the middle or maybe in the last third of the novella that will change everything and lead to the 2 main characters falling in love and then on the a HEA ending. Of course, there’s in incident that happens in the beginning that yanks the main female character out of the world as she knows it and sends her on her journey to put her lifeΒ  back together.

That’s about it for me for this week. My goal for next week is to continue editingΒ  the shorts – I’m on the 3rd and last one. Then I’ll go over the 3 that turned into novellas again. Then I’ll look into hiring an editor before copyrighting and publishing. The second part of this week’s goal is to continue working on the 2 WIP novellas.

Have a great week everyone.




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