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I am Ruchama Burrell, a religiously observant Jewish woman. I have been a writer all of my life in one form or another: poetry, stories, letters–lots of letters: love letters; for several years, daily letters to an imprisoned felon; emails that are really letters–legal briefs, letters to editors, journals, “morning pages,” essays on Torah and Jewish holidays–you name it, and I’ve probably written it, except science fiction. I have been writing  my Jewish Regency Romance for more than several years.  I hope to have a final first draft complete by December 31.

I’d like to have the feeling of writing some stories start to finish.  I think flash fiction writing will improve my scene structuring skills. And, I want to learn how to evoke the kinds of emotions I feel when I read fiction, sometimes even fiction that’s not very good.

I have a number of obstacles.  I am almost 79. Fortunately, I still seem to have the ability to concentrate and create, but I have chronic fatigue syndrome. It has become difficult to keep to a set writing schedule. I recently had to abandon my wee hours of the morning writing practice . I’m trying to find a path forward that will allow me to persist and flourish as a writer. At almost 80, I don’t spend a lot of time speculating or planning five years in advance.


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