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We have just completed, Writing with a Splash: Using Sensual Details to Enhance your Prose.  This workshop, like most others was very thin on active participation. Because of some serious health issues, I was among those who downloaded and saved the lessons. Zara kindly made it easy to do so.  We have just begun Peter Andrews’s Flash Fiction workshop. Peter is very generous with his time and responsive to all posts.  We are currently in the process of registering some non-members. Since they will be paying, I think they are more likely to participate actively. I am participating actively. This is a 2 week workshop. We have no further workshops scheduled until January of 2022.

At the direction of President and Vice President, we have only scheduled 10 workshops for next year. After our submission deadline had passed, I received a proposal from an excellent presenter on a popular subject, show, don’t tell.  I am attaching the Presenter’s Information Form. I suggest that we add this workshop in one of the vacant months of 2022.

Finally, unfortunately my health condition has become more debilitating. I no longer feel I can commit to continue as Workshop Committee. (I’m leaving off “chair” because I have been the only committee member for a couple of years now). Now that the 2022 schedule is in place and the long needed revision of the Workshop Procedures Manual to reflect the actual procedures in place is in capable hands, I am tendering my resignation effective December 1. (Since there are no workshops in December, the first seems the appropriate time for me to leave my post. At this point, I will very likely not be maintaining my RWA membership. If FTHRW does disaffiliate, health permitting I’ll maintain my membership.  I’ve enjoyed and benefited from being a member and I hope my service has benefited FTHRW.


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