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(Apologies, I may have to play catch up a bit as I have a full weekend. I’ll do my best, because I really, really want to participate in this class!)

3 PREMISES – Cheryl Rider

1. A woman and her fiance’s cat discussing her reservations about her impending wedding. (This is something readers have been requesting, but I haven’t fleshed it out.)

2. A girl and her Vietnam veteran father with PTSD fight a monster together in a truckstop mini mart in the middle of the desert. (I’d really like to find a story here, as it’s personal to me. Give it a paranormal slant, à la McCammon’s “Nightcrawlers.”)

3. A witch’s cat and his troublemaker garden gnome friend sneak across town to magically help a friend, but they must be home by midnight for the spell to take effect. Calamity ensues. (Another story for readers.)

If you can’t tell already, I’d like to use character flash fiction stories as gifts to readers of my series using characters they want to see more of, but that I don’t plan to write about. But, I’d also like to write stories like #2 that have deep emotional meaning for me, but perhaps don’t fit into the genre I write.


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